We provide answers to your pressing questions so you’re more than prepared to enjoy your experience with us.

What are my lodging and transportation options?
Corner Brook is the final destination for this hunt and you’ll need to book a room at the Quality Inn (64 Maple Valley Rd., Corner Brook, NL, 709-639-8901) for the Saturday night before your hunt begins and the Sunday night after it ends (hotels are at the client’s cost). Hunters arrive at Deer Lake Regional Airport on Saturday, travel to Corner Brook via the Star Taxi Airport shuttle service (at client’s cost) and stay overnight in Corner Brook. Sunday morning, we will meet you at the hotel, complete the necessary paperwork and then get you to your hunting destination. Days lost or granted due to inclement weather are not refunded, and any extra costs associated with delayed travel (e.g. extra hotel nights, flight changes, etc.) are at client’s cost.

What are the requirements to bring my gun from the US?
To bring your gun back into the US, you will need to get a US 4457 form filled out well in advance (this is available at any airport which has US Customs offices and can be stamped for approval by a customs agent when you bring them your rifle to verify the serial number). Once you arrive in Canada, you will need to fill out a firearms declaration form and pay $25 CDN to temporarily register your firearm for your trip. Please note, handguns and some semi-automatic rifles are not legal in Canada and cannot be brought in.

Should I practice with my rifle?
You should practice with your rifle (.30 caliber and up recommended) at distances out to 200 yards for this hunt from field positions.

Can I bring alcohol on the hunt?
Alcohol is not provided on the hunt, but you are welcome to purchase some on your own to bring with you for the end of the day. Because of the remote nature of our camp and the weight limits for flying, alcohol will only be allowed in moderation and ALWAYS after the hunting is done and guns are secured.

What happens to my reward on the hunt?
Your trophy will be caped and meat secured in the field. We will provide you with an export permit for the cape, antlers and meat in order to transport it home. If you choose to bring your meat home, we can arrange for a local butcher to prepare, package and ship it home for you (unless you drive and have adequate cooler space to take it with you). Any meat left behind will be subject to a processing fee of $50 per quarter as we have to process and store it until we can donate it.

What if I want to keep my antlers?
Your cape and antlers can be handled by a local taxidermist who can either prepare them to be taken home by you (assuming you drove and have extra time to wait for them to be prepared for international travel), prep and ship them to your taxidermist or hold them to perform final taxidermy and ship the finished mount to your home. Whichever method you choose, all costs are extra and are to be paid directly to the taxidermist by the client.

Are there any passport requirements?
All non-Canadian hunters and guests must have a current passport with six months remaining before expiration. Additionally, your passport must have four blank pages available for visas (this does not include the last four pages that are reserved for amendments and endorsements). If your passport doesn’t meet these criteria, has expired or if you have never owned a passport, you should start the process as early as possible as it can take a long time.

Who is my primary point of contact?
Your main contact for your moose hunt is Shane Mollon. He can be reached at 709-632-9567 if you have any last-minute questions.

COVID Regulations
For All international clients, The Government of Canada requires of double vaccination for entry into Canada.