Enjoy our varied options for taking in this epic scenery and experiencing a trip for the books.

The NRO Sportsman's Lodge is located on the north shore of Serpentine Lake, which is just 50 metres above sea level. Rising steeply behind the lodge are the rugged and beautiful Blow Me Down mountains. In the foreground, the rolling Lewis Hills mountain range contain the highest point in Newfoundland.

Splitting these two mountain ranges, the Serpentine River carves its way through the picturesque Serpentine Valley, forming a lush, green oasis of flora and fauna.

The NRO Sportsman's Lodge consists of a separate guest house with hot and cold indoor plumbing, shower facilities and with all linens and towels provided. Four double-occupancy rooms and a large gathering space make up the interior of the guest lodge. Here, you can sit back next to the roaring fire after a day out in the field. There’s always opportunity to relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the lake and mountain ranges.

Meals and lunches are prepared each day by our on-staff chef, who will create a variety of traditional Newfoundland dishes and choice home-cooked meals. The kettle is always on for a hot cup of tea or coffee and the comforts of electric power, even in our remote location, is supplied by a generator. There is also phone service available.

The NRO Fly-Out Spike Camps consist of platform custom tents and hunting cabins.

Our spike camps are considered "5-star". Most locations feature wooden platforms with 5-foot hardwalls, custom vinyl tents, generated electricity, wood/oil stoves, bunks, mattresses, hot water on demand and shower facilities.